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    Think Different


    Production parts

    At A2P, we don't just do prototypes and one-off parts. Here are some of the production parts we've done. Medical, Semiconductor, Consumer......we do it all.


    Engine Block Prototype

    This was the first opportunity to use our new 4th axis rotary table. The full size 4-cylinder engine block casting was cut from 20lb. poly foam. We split the engine into 8 pieces, machined each piece, then pinned and glued it all together.  This prototype was a test fit model for a casting company that makes engine block castings for many of the major auto manufacturers. This project took us one week to model and program and one week to CNC.


    Vacuum Form Molds

    This is classic Art-to-Part stuff right here. We've taken this project from 3D moldel all the way to final parts.  A customer of ours made a 4ft long, 1/18 scale model of a Volvo 70ft open ocean racing sailboat. He asked to have vacuum form molds for the deck and hull made in order to produce ABS plastic shell to make remote control boats. The first step was to digitize his scale model and use it as reference to create a perfectly symmetrical 3D model. We then used to 3D model to design a deck mold and a hull mold. The molds go down to a flat surface. We supplied the customer's vacuum form vendor with 3D files to create trim fixtures.

    Once we designed the molds, we cut them out of MDF stock on our largest CNC machine. Run time was approximately 3 hours each including setup.

     Check out our gallery to see the final molds.


    Hydraulic Clutch and Primary Cover

    We made this clutch cover and primary cover prototype for a company making hydraulic clutch conversion kits for Triumph motorcycle collector.  Since it was a prototype, we left everythign below the ribs stepped. Smoothing everythign out with a ball end mill would have added to machine time and increased costs. Material was AL6061. The next step is to machine the molds for a carbon fiber version.