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"A2P's unique ability to understand complex systems, then design and fabricate within a tight delivery schedule has proven to be invaluable"

-Dennis D.   |   Manufacturing Engineer |   Aerospace

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Maybe you already have a 3D computer model of your product. Can’t improve on that right? The answer is, well…. maybe.

Try us. It wouldn’t be the first time a collaborative interview with our design staff has revealed ways to rethink building your solid model to better prepare for the inevitable….Engineering Changes.

Thanks to the ready availability of Solid Modelling packages, those who earn their living that way have, unfortunately for them, become a commodity. As the years pass, this pyramid of talent gets flatter. Simply put, you’ll want make sure you’re working with designers at the top of that pyramid and at the peak of their craft. Let’s face it, your product deserves access to the industry’s best talent.

Design staff at A2P not only use the latest software tools, but all have CAD Application Engineer experience. A2P’s philosophy emphasizes leaving no design ‘stone’ unturned, before proceeding to the machining stage.

While the benefits of a thorough client design review are numerous, what towers above all is the assurance the client takes away, knowing the transition from A2P design to A2P manufacturing has been obsessively scrutinized.

It’s the “one, ten, one thousand rule”: A dollar if you fix it on the screen, ten bucks if you missed it at your machine shop, and possibly many thousands if you have to hear about it from the customer.

We also know there are many keen minds out there, still creating in two dimensions. To these, A2P extends an especially welcoming hand. Rest assured, even if you are lightning fast with 2D design tools, when A2P models your product in 3 dimensions, you’ll get more for your prototyping time and money than you could probably ever have imagined.

Faster design changes, more ways to review your product, more configurations…. plus relief from the headaches of designing mechanisms and checking intererences in 2D. Where appropriate, Solid Modelling also offers the potential for cosmetic styling and surfacing, finite element and kinematic analysis.

This is prototyping at A2P.

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